Monday, 10 August 2015


TEETH WHITENING choice one - BRUSH-ON lightening

Brush-on teeth lightening in principle may be a nice construct, simply surface the formula, enable it to dry on your teeth, and let is stay your teeth long. Sounds easy, right?
In reality, brush-on teeth lightening is meant for the phase of the general public that's gaga with shortcuts (in different words, for those who don't desire to pay the time to try and do it right the primary time). Brush-on teeth lightening has 2 MAIN FLAWS:

1. once you surface the teeth lightening formula, it depends on the premise that it'll dry on your teeth. this can be nice in essence, however, if you get the teeth lightening formula wet (i.e. from spittle or from licking your teeth) then it becomes very easy to abuse components of the formula. And guess what happens if you embrace solely a part of the teeth lightening formula? you bought it - you do not get an excellent lightening result! It seems uneven and blotchy.

2. The second flaw with most brush-on teeth lightening as I see it, is that the ingredients. If you crosscheck the ingredient list of the leading brush-on bleach, you will see the primary ingredient is alcohol. If you've got browse my ebook "The unhealthy Breath Bible" then you already recognize that alcohol is terrible for your breath! truly, I am positive the rationale why they've additional alcohol to their teeth lightening formula is as a result of it's required as a siccative (something that dries out the formula in order that it purportedly stays on your teeth at night). However, that also does not diminish the impact it will wear your gums and your breath. Also, most of those brush-on tooth lightening formulas contain glycerol, which accurately sucks the wet out from the enamel of your teeth and it is the primary explanation for most tooth sensitivity from teeth lightening.